Vivid to light up Sydney

Vivid Sydney

This Friday the 25th May, the opera House Sails will come to life with the work of the German design team URBANSCREEN, they will use their talents to light up the sails of the Opera House and this will mark the beginning of Vivid, an annual event where parts of Sydney’s foreshore are lit up for a couple of weeks, during this time, I will make sure I capture it and will share my images with you!

If you’re planning on heading into the city to take photo’s of Vivid, I recommend a good sturdy tripod and a comfy pair of walking shoes. You might even need a beanie and some gloves considering how friggin cold it has been! I am not sure what night(s) I will be there, what I do know, is I will go on a week night as I think this will be quieter an easier than trying to check it out on a Friday or Saturday night.

The Daily Pic – Cloudy Mountain

I took this last February when touring the NSW country on my BMW R1200RT, there is so much of this beautiful country side, but not many safe places to stop, even where I had stopped wasn’t very safe but I needed to capture this cloud brewing… enjoy!

Cloudy Mountain

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