Turning 40…

It’s kind of funny really, when I was 20, 40 seemed so damn old! Now my 40th is less than 6 months away my thoughts on 40 have changed! 40 seems to be a very significant birthday for so many, and I sort of feel the same, maybe it is a celebration of making it this far… who knows, but I am going to spoil myself by ticking something off my bucket list. I am heading to Tasmania to photograph Cradle Mountain and the¬†Freycinet Coast. Some of the best landscape Australia has to offer… but I am not just heading to Tassie, I am going to be meeting up with 2 award winning landscape photographers and joining them for a 7 day adventure of a lifetime. Michael Snedic and Luke O’Brien are not only going to show me some of the best locations in Tassie, they will also be teaching me some of their tricks of the trade, I don’t know what I am look forward to most!

Dove lake at Cradle Mountain – photo by Luke O’Brien

The Daily Pic – Temple on the Hill

I took this on my recent trip to China, One of the frustrations of photography when travelling is the amount of people at every attraction, most of the temples and parks in Beijing did not open until way after sunrise so I had to make do with whatever light conditions were thrown at me. I took this at the Summer Palace and lucky for me, this Temple was closed to the public, I was hanging over the edge of a stairway on another temple. I really love all the colours and details the Chinese have used in these buildings… enjoy!

Temple on the Hill – Summer Palace Beijing


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