The D800 and Landscape Photography

I don’t know much about medium format cameras as I have never used one, I did get the chance to look over the shoulder of a fella that had used the pentax 645 super dooper 80 megapixel hugenormous digital camera… (I think I just made up a new word or two!)…

D800 is great for landscape photography

as I was watching him work on his files 2 things went through my mind… well, actually, I think it was 3 things… one, man those files are big, what sort of super computer would I need to cope with them?, the second was… and you said that camera cost how much?? (with disbelief that a camera could honestly be worth tens of thousands!) and the third and final thing was… “Man, those files are full of detail, and man they’re sharp!”.. so I can see why the pro print photogs would use these, and the good news is I can hire one if I want to… anyway, to get back on track, the D800 is the first prosumer DSLR to come close to medium format, and now that I have been shooting with the D800 for about a month all I can say is I am impressed! If you were judging a camera’s value by dividing the total price by the number of pixels, the D800 would win hands down… what I am loving about the D800 is the amount of detail, I can even crop a nice pano out of one frame and still end up with a file that is big enough to print a decent image. As for the D800 only shooting 4 frames a second… I am lucky to need it to shoot one frame every 4 minutes… so as a landscape photog I am happy!

The Daily Pic – The Lone Surfer

It was a wet and grey morning, and even the surfers were avoiding getting wet… here you can see one surfer, standing on the beach contemplating his next move…

The Lone Surfer


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