Using the D800 for a Time Lapse

15 minutes of Vivid squashed into just over a minute!

I don’t use the D800 for time lapse photography very often, in fact, I don’t often do time lapse photography. Last year I struggled to capture the Vivid event in a photograph, due to the nature of the Opera House light installation it was difficult, then I remembered I had the D800 and it has a time lapse feature.

The D800 Time elapse feature actually makes it very simple to do, you choose the interval between each shot, the total time and hit start, it then clicks away happily making the finished timelapse movie for you! A time lapse is great for capturing things like the Vivid Festival and I haven’t seen too many so it’s also a unique way to capture the show… enjoy!

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Today’s iCandy – Something Different

I have posted a few photo’s of the Opera House lit up at Vivid, but when I saw this I thought it would be a great opportunity to create something a little different. After getting a little bit of vector art from the jungle, I found a coin on google images and Shazam… my vision had become a reality!

Vivid Sydney 2013

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