On3legs | Do the Crime… Do the time….
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Do the Crime… Do the time….

Fremantle in WA has plenty of history, For reasons even I am unsure about, I just love checking these places out! Maybe it is the mystery of what goes on behind the walls… Seeing how the prisoners lived and trying to imagine what their lives would have been like. Not to mention what it would take to be a prison Guard…

This prison was built by the convicts in the mid 1800’s and was an active prison until 1991. 43 prisoners were hanged here. This pic gives you a sense for the cold and hostile place it was… I took this during a Prison tour, I waited until our group had moved on and hung around to take pics. It was quite spooky standing in No.3 Division of the prison all by myself…

Fremantle Prison Western Australia

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  • mefreckles
    Posted at 18:54h, 29 March Reply

    aw it’s cool ! lol
    just reading a book ( the shark net) and there was a prison on roenest island ?x

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