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Dunlop Grunge Tv

How to get the Silky Smooth Water effect

One of the questions I have been asked a fair bit, is how to make water appear ‘silky smooth’ in your photographs. It really is quite simple, and I have made a video when I was in Mount Field National Park in Tasmania at one of my favourite waterfall locations, Horseshoe Falls.

[framed_video column=”full-width”]http://youtu.be/btmrzV3AxYo[/framed_video]

Today’s iCandy – Dunlop Grunge Tv

From my trip to the abandoned Dunlop factory, it seems like a lifetime ago! According to me EXIF info, it was only a year ago I was here! There was this old TV and a lounge just lying about, so with a quick bit of impromptu furniture re-arranging we had created this little scene!

The Dunlop Slazenger Abandoned Factory

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