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G’day peeps, Ben here…

I have had a lot of requests to run another workshop at VIVID in Sydney, last wednesday I had 6 participants and they had a great time and took some great shots! Rather than me tell you how good I thought it was I have copy and pasted an email down below that I got back from Dave the day after the workshop.

Use this link for more info or to book CLICK HERE

This will be it! I don’t have the time to run another after this and VIVID will end soon… so if you’re keen to learn how to take your photography to the next level and want help learning HOW to capture the Vivid Festival (it is challenging, but its okay, I will help you step by step… just read Dave’s email below)

Use this link for more info or to book CLICK HERE

Tickets are LIMITED… I hope to see you there… Cheers, Ben.

Hi Ben,

I enjoyed last night, it was an exciting and enjoyable experience. The group size was perfect and great people to be with.

On a personnel note I would like to thank you for making your time available to run the workshop, I found the pace to be right, the number of people in the workshop allowed you to spend a lot of time one on one which I found very useful and I learned a lot about my own camera and how to take some great photo’s.

Your approach to the workshop was first rate, I have attended other workshops and have come away still not knowing what I was doing, but with your support and knowledge I did get some great shots last night, even after we completed the workshop I continued to take photos around the area and had some great successes, without you support this would not of happened.

I have no hesitation in recommending your workshops and blogs to anyone interested in photography and I will be joining you again on further workshops, as you have given confidence that I too can take great photos.


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