788 images later…

After a week away I am pleased to be home, there is nothing like my own bed! I have downloaded all my images from my memory cards to my Mac and surprised to see that I had taken 788 images! This will keep me busy for a little while… A lot of them are several of the same composition as I find with sunrise and sunset the colour keeps changing so I just keep shooting, that way I am going to have something I am happy with. A couple of locations I was really excited about shooting was a church in Armidale and the Gold Coast from Q1 skypoint observatory, both of which have turned out to be fantastic shots that I will share with you later.

The Daily Pic – Night Shift

‘Night Shift’ – The first day I was on the Gold Coast the weather wasn’t very good. I always prefer a few clouds in my shots as it creates drama and interesting shapes and textures, especially at night. The gold coast makes this “Shift” as the sun goes down and the people leave the beach to enjoy the night life… enjoy!

Night Beach

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