On3legs | How I find my Photography Locations
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How I find my Photography Locations

Hunting for locations in an unknown area is not always easy, I have been asked a few times how I go about finding my locations. Here’s 6 of my tricks… try them out for yourself.

1. Google Images – I type my location into google and click on the images tab to see what comes up, if I see something I like then the hunt starts. Click on the image and see if it leads you to a location, sometimes it is very difficult to do, and doesn’t work at all, other times it leads me to magical locations… I call it pot luck!

2. Scouting – When I arrive somewhere, I will spend alot of time just driving around, in fact, Taroon Beach was found this way, once I have found a location I then decide if it is a sunrise or sunset location and back when the light is right!

3. Locals Recommendation –  Asking the locals is another way that can lead to great locations. I usually just ask at the local store as I am making my purchase.

4. Postcards – Check out the local postcards, they will usually feature some of the best photographic locations.

5. Local Photographers Website – Another trick I use a lot is to work out who the local photographers are and check out their website. They sometimes explain where they have taken the images.

6. Instagram – I have only just started using this method but it works. Search for #location and see what comes up (replace the word location with the place name you’re searching)

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