Kodak Australia – Business as Usual

If you hadn’t heard that Kodak was in a little bit of financial trouble, or in fact, had files for bankruptcy then you probably live under a rock! Anyhow, the good news is I read a news report stating that Kodak in Australia and NZ were going to be unaffected by the parent company filing for bankruptcy. This means that supplies will flow as normal! As for Kodak NZ, it was set up as a wholly owned independent company in 1934 keeping it separate from the company that has filed for bankruptcy.

The Daily Pic – Foggy Morning

Sometimes photographers will only look for the ‘perfect’ conditions to get the camera out, I was pleased, that despite the fog I headed to La Perouse last weekend as I managed to grab a couple of nice shots. This one is of the castle looking thingy that you will find in the middle of the park near Bare Island… I like the way the fog creates mystery… enjoy!

La Perouse Park

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