A night at Vivid Sydney

Last night I headed into the City to check out the Vivid Sydney light display. It is very cleverly done and I am sure someone has spent hours and hours to design and develop it. It was actually really hard to capture in a picture as everything about it keeps moving… fast (not great for sharp night time photography!) Having said that, the modern camera is a very capable tool and I did manage to get a few great shots… keep an eye on the blog in the coming days as I process them.

The Daily Pic – Forever Jetty

A jetty makes a picture… without it, this would just be the sun setting over the lake… with it, it is transformed into the never ending jetty that leads you into an amazing sunset… enjoy!

Forever Jetty

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  1. I really like this shot, as you say without the jetty its just another lovely sunset but with the jetty it becomes an infinite journey . It just goes on forever…

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