10 Tips to Better Photo’s eBook

Hi, my names Ben and thanks for dropping by! I am so glad you have decided to check out my book.

What’s in the book and why did I decide to write it?

By the way, I refer to this as a ‘book’, and it is I guess, but really, it is a quick and easy guide with 10 simple things you can do that will improve your photography. I give you examples of images I have personally taken with a quick explanation of why the photo worked so you can replicate it for yourself.

In this eBook my goal is to help you understand how to take creative control over your camera. I see so many people that leave their camera on auto, and in some cases, that is just fine, but if you are wondering why you’re not getting the results you want then this eBook is definitely for you!

My journey in photography has been one of a stop start nature, sometimes it is easy to make excuses and let ‘life’ get in the way. I decided to just ‘capture life’ and stop making excuses and rarely a day passes where I don’t take a photograph.

Ps. This book is not a teaser, a sales piece or a big thick book that will confuse you. It really is a small guide packed with tips to help you take better photos!