A common interest creates a bond

Like all hobbies, Photography is more than an art, more than just taking photos, it is a community. With the internet helping it along, the photography community is thriving. What about the traditional photography club? whilst they still exist, I think will become extinct in the next few years. In fact, this year alone I have presented at several clubs and found that the membership base is definitely made up of an older generation that (I am going to make a wild assumption here that may get me beat up!) aren’t comfortable with the internet. I actually think the impending extinction of the Tradition Camera Club is a shame, as this one on one personal touch and inter club competitions and events offers something the internet cannot do on the same level, but based on the numbers of people at the clubs I spoke at this year, it is evident that they’re definitely shrinking away…

I have personally met so many great people since starting this blog and my Facebook page a couple of years ago, and today, I wanted to share some links with you so you can check out their stuff! And this is something that the internet makes it easy for us to do… share!

So here goes… by the way, these are in NO particular order and will not include everyone I know or have met, otherwise this would be a longer post than it already is! … I am just typing away and whoever comes to mind will be included in this first round! (Click on links to visit their website and like their Facebook page), I think I will do this on a monthly basis so I can share the love around and let you know about all the other great Photographers you should also be following 🙂

3 Photographers you SHOULD be Following!

Rob Potter – Rob has become a good friend, to the point that we have formed The PhotoWALK Guys together. I first knew of Rob because he runs a website called Photography Hot Spots, a fantastic resource for finding photography locations around Australia. Hit THIS LINK to like his Facebook Page. It turned out that I knew Rob’s family and I didn’t even know it… talk about a small world. Rob came along to a photowalk that I ran, my first one in fact and we had 4 seasons in one day! We both share a love for HDR Photography. It was from here that we decided to start holding photowalks together and we now hold them regularly, and I guess this is how I met so many great people (and will continue to!) in the Photography community.

Rene Kisselbach –  I first really got to know Rene on what I can only relate to a situation that reminded me of the movie Oceans 11. Not that we were robbing a Casino, but what I can say is that it involved Rene using his Leatherman multi tool to, shall we call it ‘unlock’ the gate to an abandoned factory so we could get in and take some photos. This earns him his MacGyver status! I have watched Rene as his Photography has really taken leaps and bounds and he really get some great shots. Check out his FACEBOOK Page HERE.

Alex Papparazzo Taylor – Alex is very dedicated to the cause. It is not un-common for him to drive hundreds of km’s to visit an abandoned building or to get a sunset over a country canola field in flower. Always easy to spot in the crowd and the only guy I know that has trouble finding a tripod tall enough! He is also attends our PhotoWALKs and is always willing to help you out! Alex runs a Faceboook Page too and calls it Visual Cocaine.

There you go! 3 Photographers you can start following today! Head to each of their Facebook Pages and hit the LIKE button, check out there work and say g’day.





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