Great News… the hamsters are going well!

After a few nail biting hours, the server move has gone well. No-one can ever predict what will happen… there were a few ‘glitches’ and you may still see a few odd things around the site like a broken link or video not working. In the main, it looks like we have everything up and running again. So you may be wondering why I would bother moving to this new server… after all, everything looks the same. Well sort of, the old site was very restrictive, and when I started nearly a year ago I had no idea the blog would become so popular… I have had over 40,000 visits since I started and get between 150 and 200 new visitors every day. As the traffic grows so does the need for the site to be more robust, and have a secure backup.

The second reason was I want do bring you more. And make it fun and easy to get around at… so I have a new site coming. You should see the new site in the next week or two, we’re just testing it now and as long as it all goes to plan, we will launch it soon!

Thanks for your patience and hopefully it will make it easier for both of us in the future!

Todays iCandy – The Armidale Catholic Church

Very rarely do I come across an unfriendly person at a church… they’re always happy to let me walk around freely and take pics… churches have the most amazing architecture….

The Armidale Catholic Church

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