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A lot of people must be considering the X-E1 as their next camera… maybe you are too! I get over 100 hits a day on my blog with the X-E1 in the search term and I have had over a dozen requests to test my X-E1 out doing HDR and to post my findings here. Finally… I have done just that.

The X-E1 is a great camera, and the only short fall that I can see at this stage is to read the .RAF RAW files the Fuji creates you need Photoshop CS6 (which I don’t have) or use the Fuji supplied RAW editing software (and it sucks!).

For me, I have my D800 for shooting raw and wanted the Fuji as an everyday walk around camera. It is much lighter than the D800 and the image quality is damn good… I don’t need to shoot RAW for everyday snaps so the whole .RAF RAW file issue doesn’t bother me too much.

I have a page dedicated to the X-E1 that I am always updating and adding photo’s to… you will find it HERE

How does the X-E1 perform when it comes to shooting HDR?

On my recent trip to Fiji I decided to test it out, here is the original photo, this is taken with ‘Average’ metering. Given the dynamic range of the scene the camera is not going to be able to capture all of the detail with the limited dynamic range of the sensor.

The Correct Exposure using ‘Average’ metering

To take the different exposures I need for a HDR image the Fuji is limited in the way that you can do this. You could use the auto bracketing but would need to fiddle with the EV comp dial anyway to get the desired range in the exposures so I like to just use the EV comp dial and forget about the Auto Bracketing function. Maybe they will have a software update like SONY did that will make the Auto Bracketing more HDR friendly. Until then, the EV Comp dial is very easy to access and use.

Selecting +2 on the EV Comp dial
Selecting -2 on the EV Comp dial

After processing the image with Photomatix pro, here is the final HDR image, I used Photomatix Pro, I have tried lots of HDR software and find Photomatix the best. Use the Coupon code ‘ON3LEGS’ for a 15% discount, you can get it from here -> Photomatix Free Trial DOWNLOAD

The Final HDR image

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