And a little Pano Mode trick…

Fuji 18mm f2 Lens
Fuji 18mm f2 Lens

Since getting my 18mm f2 lens, it has hardly come off the Fuji. It is so small and light and the IQ of this lens is amazing… It is the equivalent of 27mm in Full Frame and seems just about perfect as an all rounder lens. I can get great landscape shots, but it also doubles as a really nice portrait lens too… especially for groups shots. If you want just head and shoulder shots the 35mm f1.4 is better, as you don’t need the get right in the face of your subject, but the 18mm will do if that’s all you have. I also really enjoy using the 18mm in pano mode.. I have worked out a little trick that is cool… instead of setting the Pano direction left to right or vice versa (horizontal sweep) I set it from top to bottom (Vertical Sweep) then flip the camera into portrait and shoot left to right. It gives a much better result!

Today’s iCandy – Bridge View

Even on a grey day in Sydney there is iCandy everywhere….

Sydney Park

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