Go Fuji mirrorless on a budget!

Fuji X-E1

Fuji have announced that we will see stock of the X-E1 mirrorless camera on Australian shelves by the end of October! I am hoping so as I want to get my hands on one of these asap… This is an interesting move from Fuji, the X-E1 packs the same sensor as the Xpro1, so theoretically should have the same heralded image quality, yet the X-E1 is smaller and lighter… and wait… CHEAPER than the Xpro1. I think that Fuji have improved on the Xpro1 design, and whilst this is not meant to be an ‘upgrade’ of the Xpro it certainly would get you asking yourself why you would buy the Xpro1 over the X-E1 when you can save a grand and have a much smaller and lighter camera with identical image quality, and for the movie buffs, the X-E1 also has an external mic input (a common complaint of the Xpro1)… Hopefully I will get my hot little hands on an X-E1 before the end of the month, I am off overseas and would like to take it with me.

 The Daily Pic – The Church

On my drive to the Gold Coast from Sydney I stopped at Armidale. I knew there was a church that I wanted to get a HDR shot of, I had seen it before but did not get a chance to take my camera in… The architecture in most churches is spectacular, and this one does not dissapoint! This is a classic example of when using HDR is a must… not an option… if you want to learn more about creating a HDR image you can watch a couple of videos on THIS PAGE that will show you how I do it…

Armidale Church

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