Get a Grip! Fuji X-E1 L Bracket and Grip

I will do a full review of the iShoot Fuji X-E1 L Bracket when I get time… for those that have been following the blog for some time, you will know that normally, I have posted EVERY DAY. Lately, I have been busy studying for my commercial pilots licence, and so far I have passed 5 out of the 7 theory exams first go… so it is paying off. The downside, is I am neglecting my photography a little bit.

Regardless, I still take the Fuji with me when I can. It really is a great camera and recently I bought an iShoot Fuji X-E1 L Bracket and Grip on eBay. I really like it! It does make the little camera that fraction bigger giving it a better feel and now I can switch between portrait and landscape quickly just like my D800!

Here’s a quick pic of the Fuji X-E1 L Bracket and Grip taken with my iPhone to give you a bo peep at it!

Fuji X-E1 L Bracket and GRIP

Today’s iCandy – It’s a Boy

I took this when I was in Brisbane earlier in the week. The Story Bridge was it up BLUE to celebrate the birth of Prince George on Tuesday. Shot on my Fuji X-E1 for those that are interested…

Story Bridge Lights Brisbane

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  1. Hi Ben how is the CPL going? I have passed 2 out of the 7 and will be doing Aerodymanics this month, I plan on finishing the remaining 5 over 2014. if work doesn’t get in the way that is 🙂

    only just picked up the camera again after my brother passed down his D7000 with a few lenses to me, I have been really enjoying reading your blogs and have found them insightful.

    all the best with your flying and thanks for the great blog

    1. Hi George. Great to hear your working through your CPL. I did my flight test on the 29th November last year, all done and dusted. My plan is to get my Instructor Rating this year. Have to decide if I do NVFR or just jump straight into CIR.
      Happy Snaps!

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