Updated with extra pics and some HDR samples

I have been using the Fuji X-E1 for 6 weeks now and have taken a lot of photo’s in all sorts of conditions and find it to perform really well. It won’t be replacing my D800, the Nikon will still remain as my trusty workhorse, but I do find the X-E1 a very capable camera, especially for things like street photography or family do’s where the big DSLR is just cumbersome to take along.

I have also got myself the 18mm f2 lens and find it to be great for everyday shooting. It is a pancake lens, about half the length of the 35m and lighter so it is great and I have it on the Fuji most of the time.

I have a page dedicated to the Fuji X-E1 (CLICK HERE) that you should check out if you interested in getting a mirrorless camera.

Today’s iCandy – Smile

I posted this on my Facebook page and one of the comments said his name was Danny Lim. Apparently he is seen all over Sydney wearing his messages of Joy. It is always nice when I gesture to someone if I can take a pic and they’re not only happy for me to do so, but they also turn on a smile and a bit of a pose. Thanks Danny!

I took this with the Fuji X-E1…

Smile, hard not to when you see this!
Smile, hard not to when you see this!

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