Fuji X-T1 wifi, the eye-fi card and how to shoot Panoramic’s

Welcome to another episode of “Ask Ben”

The video show where you ask any question you like, and I do my best to answer it. Now this episode, I’ve got a couple of questions to answer.

In this episode of Ask Ben I answer a question about the eye-fi card and talk about how I use my Fuji X-T1 wifi and also explain how to take Panoramic Photos with a little trick or two that will help you.

I do have an eye-fi card, but to be honest I hardly used it as it was a bit of a pain, and, it did not seem to work in the Nikon D800 (not sure why, maybe it’s the magnesium body?? (maybe someone with more technical knowledge than me can help me out) – I do like the ability to be able to shoot an image and wirelessly transfer it, my Fuji X-T1 is great for that as it is a built in feature. Fuji have also created an app so it is dead easy to use and works without any hiccups.

As for shooting Panoramic images, I cover a few tips on how to capture them and why you don’t need an expensive nodal rail or panoramic head… I actually speak from experience, I bought a pano head for around $500 and sold it a month later, it was great for doing internal architecture etc. but for landscape photography, totally not required. Save your money and buy another lens! You’ll thank me for it.

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My first question is from Elaine Schlein, and Elaine asked me this question.

“I was wondering if you use an Eyefi card? I only just recently purchased an iPad, I know I’m behind the times! and found out about these cards.”

Eyefi CardNow, Elaine, I’m not sure why you’re relating having an iPad to an Eyefi card, because you don’t necessarily need an iPad to use an Eyefi card. And now, what I’m assuming is – that you want to work out how to transfer your images more seamlessly from your camera to social media.

And, there are a couple of ways that you can do that. I do have an Eyefi card, but I don’t use it very often. And the reason for that is, I’m not a big fan of editing on the go. If I want to post something to social media, I usually use my smart phone. And the smart phone cameras these days are so good that that’s an easy way to do it. Now, having said that, my Fuji X-T1 that I recently got has a WiFi function and I must admit that I use it a fair bit. Now, what I do is when I’m out shooting – if there’s an image there that I really like and I want to share it with social media quickly, I’ll connect it to my smart phone, I’ll download the image. I’ll then use Snapseed, which is a great app to make adjustments to that image on the fly and then I’ll upload my image to social media.

I found the WiFi cards to be okay, and if you are looking though for a solution to transfer your photos to your iPad quickly, I would suggest getting the camera connection kit from any Apple store. I find that works much better, and you can get one where you just put your SD card straight into the side of your iPad that will load your images straight in, much faster – you won’t have any WiFi issues whatsoever and it’ll make your life a lot easier. And so, Elaine, hopefully that’s answered your question. And if that’s what you’re trying to do then – if not, ask another question, if I’ve missed something, let me know.

The second question that I’m going answer today is by Nardin Massih. Nardin’s asked me this,

“Hi Ben, I’ve been following your posts and tutorials on YouTube – amazing and very detailed. I’m trying to better my landscape photography, but wanting to do panorama style shooting. What is the best way about it?” He says, “I’m using a Canon 7D, with a Canon 24 – 105 milimetres. What is the best lens to use and is there cropping involved in the editing process? Much appreciated, a keen follower on Facebook.

Well thanks Nardin, I appreciate your question – and it’s a great question. It’s probably a question a lot of people are asking, because panoramic photos are awesome. I love doing panoramic images. And they’re actually very, very simple to do. Now, do you need a special lens? No, the lens that you’ve got will actually do the job. I find with panoramics, usually you want to be – depending on the scene that you’re shooting – but I’m quite comfortable shooting somewhere around the 35 – 50 mm mark, and taking several images.

Wine Glass Bay Panoramic

Now, the trick to doing good panoramic images is not to shoot in landscape orientation, but to turn your camera into portrait mode and take photos that way. You want to make sure you’re steady on a tripod, and I always take too many photos, because you just don’t know how many you want. You take your first image, take that shot.

Now, there’s a couple of tricks that are going to help you from an exposure point of view.

You’ll want to set your camera up in manual. So once you take your first shot, have a look at the settings, and if you’re happy with the exposure of the image, put your camera into manual and adjust the settings to match those that the camera chose for that exposure. Take your first image, you then move – and I always overlap at least a third of the image if not half. Okay, and that is because in post-production, you are going have to use some sort of panoramic stitching software.

Once again, I do the same thing, overlap half, take another photo. Overlap half, take another photo. And I might do that for 90 degrees, it might 120 degrees, whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve with your panoramic shot. And you could end up with say ten images. Now, I’ve seen people using Nodal sliders and all of this – on landscape, you don’t need to go to the expense of these additional panoramic rails. Simply putting your camera on your tripod and rotating it will be good enough.

Once you’ve got all your images, you’ll find Photoshop has the ability to then do what’s called panoramic stitching. So, you load all your images into Photoshop and you tell it that it’s a panoramic, and you can stitch those together. There’s plenty of tutorials on YouTube, how to do that, so I’m not going show you how to do that. But the gear you’ve got Nardin will definitely do the job of creating panoramic images. Good luck with that, I look forward to seeing some of the photos. Thanks again for your question.

The 3 Sisters Panoramic

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