One of the sexiest cases on the planet!

Gariz1I know it’s one of the biggest claims I have EVER made! But this case is SEXY! There is no other way to describe it. I also got their gun-shot¬†shoulder strap, and this basically works the same as a blackrapid strap, allowing you to hang the camera over one shoulder and when you want to take a shot, you simply raise it to your eye and shoot. It is actually a really clever design and all in genuine leather.

I will do a video soon on this case so you get a real good look at it, I got mine on eBay and it was around $160 with the Gun Shot strap system. It’s a great accessory for your Fuji X-T1

Todays iCandy – A Monkey Portrait

This is one of my most favourite places on the planet! This is Monkey Rock and you will find it at Castaway Island Fiji. I have been here many times and this would have been one of the best sunsets I had seen here. I hope you like it too!


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