I Love Sundays…

I enjoy Sunday’s, it’s the day where I can hang around in my slippers for hours and no-one is going to judge me! What to do today..? I have a few things on my to do list at the moment, I am currently framing my ‘Three Sisters’ panoramic image and I am looking forward to sharing the end result with you later in the week… I had it printed on a new ‘metallic’ paper and it creates a lot of depth to the image, when I put it behind glass I am imagining it will be even better! I think I will get the frame finished and ready for glass today.

I am also putting together my 2 hour ‘Photography Basics’ workshop, I am going to teach you about the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of photography, it’s where everyone gets lost! Once you know these few fundamentals you will take much better photo’s, so make sure you register on my Facebook page, I have created an event to make it easy for you to register, I am making this one free to attend as it is my first one, and you are going to be my guinea pig!

The Daily Pic – Glassy Harbour

When the sun isn’t shining it is a great time to challenge myself to try something different… I love Sydney Harbour, I think it is the best in the world!

Glassy Harbour

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