My D700 is SOLD

wow… I put my D700 on eBay and couldn’t believe how many people were interested in it, obviously it is still a very sought after full frame camera! It is going to sound kind of sad, but I found it hard to put it on eBay and  deep down was hoping no one would want it… then I would have to keep it! It was my first full frame camera and now that I have upgraded to the D800 the bank needed some cash in… too much cash out is a problem!

The buyer of the D700 is getting  a solid camera with a low shutter count, if you’re in the market for a well looked after DSLR my D300 is also on eBay. It has a lower shutter count of 9500 and has been looked after by me! I bought it from Harvey Norman for nearly $3k! So it is a bargain for the lucky buyer…

The Daily Pic – Golden Jetty

Living on the east coast of Australia means that sun sets over water are harder to come by than sun rising over the horizon in the mornings… Long Jetty is a well photographed location for this reason, as it faces the west and has, as the name implies, a very long jetty! On this particular day the colours kept changing and I took a lot of shots, this is one of my favourites… enjoy!

Golden Jetty

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