The New Nikon D4

Nikon have released a new professional full frame DSLR. The D4 is a 16mp Full Frame camera with a huge ISO range (100 to 12800), and from the reports I have heard (from the few people that have been lucky to get their D4 first) the D4 is a fantastic camera. One of the questions the critics have been asking is why just 16mp? Yet it is the modest pixel count that is going to keep the pro’s happy, as the D4 can achieve 10fps with no strings attached and can do this in a wide range of shooting conditions. You will need around $6000 and some patience to get yourself one of these bad boys! Great for journalistic and sports photographers where 10 fps will help capture the money shots.

The Daily Pic – Government House

I was in the city wandering around taking pics one morning and decided to see if I could get a photo of Government house. Unfortunately the gate was locked and so I had to shoot through the fence. I am planning to head back here some time soon, as admission is free and it is said that inside is well worth checking out.

The Government House Australia

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