Thanks to our Sponsors!

It’s always great when companies get behind events like the Google Plus Worldwide PhotoWALK. It’s an unmeasured leap of faith on their part as they have no idea what return they may get from their kind contribution. All I can say is they our supporters/sponsors will be unashamedly plugged non-stop by me, and hopefully all of the registered PhotoWALKERS as without them it would be just a walk taking photo’s, with them, it becomes an exciting morning with several lucky winners of some cool photography stuff!

Our Sponsors so far…

Topaz_Labs_logo1-1Topaz Labs¬†– Topaz Labs have given us a FULL Bundle of their software valued at $299 and a copy of their latest software, Topaz Clarity (That I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE… and you will too!) valued at $50!


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