Well, today is the 80th Birthday for the Harbour Bridge. I can’t imagine what Sydney would be like without the Bridge. It is an icon and always a willing participant when I whip out the Nikon! Here you can see the bridge posing for it’s 80th birthday photo shoot, unfortunately for me, the weather was ordinary, however, the bridge was happy that the sun wasn’t stealing the attention of viewers away from it’s beautiful steel girders! Happy Birthday Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Happy Birthday Sydney Harbour Bridge

Now, to satisfy the curiosity of all of my photo geek friends, I really went to the bridge to try out my new Nodal ninja pano head, and this is the result of an 8 shot panoramic photo. I took the pics with my 70-200 vr ii at 105mm in portrait, I then used photomerge in CS5 to stitch the image together. I am pleased with how it works, it certainly makes taking several shots easy! I just don’t think that photoshop has the grunt to process too many more images. It crashed a couple of times when I tried to stitch 12+ 10mb images.

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