That’s what I’m calling it in 2013!

I have been tagged as a ‘HDR’ photographer, and I don’t mind that, as I do use HDR as part of my process… but… I think that people immediately make judgement when they hear those three letters… (HDR). And I understand why, I see it too, you know, the ugly HDR, the badly done, over saturated, halo heavy and noisy yucky HDR images that all beginners put out on the net… we all have to start somewhere. A photographer that has discovered HDR for the first time is like a kid with a new toy for Christmas, they’re excited and want to show off their new found tricks… unfortunately, the new tricks are not nice… they’re hard on the eye’s!

For 2013, I am going to forge forward with what I call, HDR+ … why? I hear you ask. Well, 2013 is the year that I share with you exactly how I create my images, and it is so much more than just HDR. I spend a lot of time working on each image to make them look so much better than what HDR software alone could produce, I use photoshop with various other plugins depending on what I am after… some images I can spend over an hour working on, others are a quick 5 to 10 minutes, it all depends on what I want to produce, what I remember from the scene and what story I want the image to tell. The great news is what I do is not hard, and you can do it too… my mission in 2013 is to help reduce the amount of ugly HDR on the web… and help you make your images pop… you don’t even need to use HDR, the techniques I use work just as well for any image!

So where do we start… I will be running a free online 1 hour post processing session in the coming weeks, during this session I will share my screen with you, and you will see exactly what I do from start to finish. You will see how I overcome some of the issues of HDR software and I think you’ll be surprised at how easy it is… stay tuned for dates and times as it is going to be a fun session not to be missed… I hope you will join me!

Today’s iCandy – Coke is it!

I took this in the old Abandoned Dunlop/Slazenger factory. It has been empty for years and is quite un-nerving to wander around as you never know what may greet you around the next corner. I assume all the holes in the roof are from a huge hail storm at some stage… there is graffiti everywhere… and I mean EVERYWHERE! What I have been able to establish is that whilst graffiti artists are very creative… they’re extremely untidy people!

Coke Is It


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