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I was asked by a lot of people the help them learn HDR. There are a few tutorials on the web but most of them are a lot more comprehensive that what you need to learn the basics. They say they have hours and hours of lessons, but really they are just hours and hours of the same thing, and have made them really long to justify charging more. I am proud to say that I have had hundreds of people download my tutorial and not had one negative feedback and a lot of positive feedback.

I have made it long enough to cover the essentials so you can get on with taking pictures and learning how to process your photo’s using HDR, and it is just US$15.97! That’t not a special, that’s the regular price. CLICK HERE to read more about the videos. 

Here’s a recent email I received from one of my many happy customers.

Hello Ben, just wanted to say thanks for the detailed work you did in putting together the HDR Plus Tutorial.  I purchased the package over the weekend and have looked through them all.  You have given me the confidence to break away for just using just the filters.  Your guidance of the use of layers (in Elements 10 by the way) has shown me what I have been missing.  Thanks a lot, Terry Jones

The PhotoWALK Guys

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The PhotoWALK Guys

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