Small and Mighty!

This is how I would normally introduce our 2.2kg Chihuahua named Rocky (yes he has a tough name and a studded collar… that’s because he is tough!), however, in this case I am talking about a new tripod from Really Right Stuff…. they’re calling it the Pocket Pod and unlike any other really small tripod, this one can take up to 100 pounds (about 50kg), and it weighs only 1 pound (500g) and is only 6 inches tall… Pretty amazing huh! These small tripods can come in handy when travelling as sometimes space doesn’t allow for a full size tripod, or maybe your just a weakling and haven’t got the muscles! I haven’t personally seen or used one, instead I read about it on website (a good site if you’re in to photography by the way!)

Anyway, If you want to read more and see pics of this mini wonder  I suggest you do what I did and head over to the fStoppers review and check it out for yourself!

The Daily Pic – Hidden Gems

You’re probably wondering what hidden gems has to do with the Rhapsody of the Seas… well, nothing! I was just going back through my past shoots to see if there were any composition and images that I hadn’t processed, that maybe were worth digging out, and this is one of those hidden gems… enjoy!

HDR Photography

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