White Cliffs

I have had my pilots license for 20 years and the furthest west I had ventured was Dubbo… for various reasons the main one being confidence… I always had this impression that flying the outback would be difficult and didn’t bother… luckily for me, a friend introduced me to one of his friends that had several thousand hours, and a lot of those were accrued in the outback. It was too good an opportunity to say no when he asked if I was interested in doing a trip with him!

The day we were set to depart was a no-go… there was a front making it’s way across NSW and there was no way we could safely get on our way, so we decided to wait until the next morning, unfortunately, the front had created a whole bunch of unstable weather and we were grounded for another day… day 3… success, the weather was perfect and we were on our way. Our first night we headed to White Cliffs, with a population of just 200 people, it is known for Opal Mining. From the air it sort of looks like the moon!

I took this just after we landed, we arrived 20 mins before sun set.

VH-MIZ at White Cliffs

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