What settings to use, several tips and some traps that you need to watch out for.

How to Photograph WaterfallsI was asked by one of my followers on Facebook to explain the settings I used to capture the image on the right so I thought it was a good idea to put together a video that will show you how to photograph waterfalls.

Waterfalls are fantastic to Photograph and with a little bit of knowledge and some practise you too can get waterfall shots with the ‘dreamy’ silky water effect.

It’s actually not that hard to do. In the video below I share with you my setting for this photo, and several others along with a bunch of tips and tricks, oh, and a couple of traps too!


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  1. Good instructive video. The capture of the first image without a ND filter was very good and has me wanting to give your settings a try !!!!

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