Modern day cameras make it easy to shoot in low light

In the day of film, you would load your film, and once loaded you had to work with whatever ISO it was until it was done… these days you can increase your ISO at the touch of a button. So how does it work… basically, each time you increase your ISO you are increasing the sensitivity of your sensor, for example, if your at ISO200 and you increase it to ISO400, you have doubled the sensitivity of your sensor. Most modern DSLR camera can still produce good images up to ISO 3200, if you started at ISO200, this makes your sensor 4 times more sensitive allowing you to use your camera in lower light.

The only downside of increasing your ISO is that you will introduce ‘noise’ into your shot, I would rather noise than not get the shot at all…  So next time your out shooting in low light, increase your ISO!

The Daily Pic – By Invitation only

This is one of ‘those’ places where you can only get in my guided tour, and photography is not allowed… even to get any shots from the outside I was quizzed by security… this is the front entrance to Government House in Sydney. The detail in the door is really cool, I really wanted to go in and take some photo’s but they wouldn’t let me… It must be hard for them to enforce as everyone has a phone camera these days…

Government House Sydney

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