Is this the HDR software for you?

Let me start by saying that if you own a Windows PC then it isn’t for you… for no other reason than this is a Mac only app, and according to worldwide sales only 10.8% of you are mac users… so for one in ten of you, read on…


As a writer for HDR one, I was asked by the editor to do a review on Hydra Pro 3.1, his reason for giving it to me to do… he is one of the 89.2% that don’t own a Mac! I haven’t done many software reviews so this was going to be fun. I loaded the app onto my iMac and straight away I had some challenges… There were some things that Hydra Pro does REALLY well, and some other things it struggled with… time for me to redirect you to the FULL review with screen captures and a quick summary at the bottom for all of you that can’t be bothered reading the full review… Here is the full review on the HDR One Magazine Site.

Today’s iCandy – Fan Fair

When I was in China I visited many of the parks, and in the mornings, a lot of these parks let the locals in for free to do there daily excersize and the likes. They played all sorts of games and would dance to Chinese music. It was nice to see that they did this every day!

Chinese Dance

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