Coming soon to the HDR one online magazine!

If you’re into HDR photography like me then you will know there are a few different software packages available and a few different methods for achieving the look you’re after. You will also know that there isn’t one HDR software program that does it all. Is Hydra Pro 3 the answer?

My friend Jimmy who founded and runs HDR one, the internets premier online HDR magazine asked me to check Hydra Pro 3 out and right a review for the magazine. I am just about finished with my testing and I am adding the final points to my review. Keep an eye out for it on the HDR one site over the coming weeks… maybe it’s the HDR solution you’ve been looking for?

Today’s eye candy – No Kidding

This is the Kids Pool at Castaway Island Resort in Fiji. The sign reads “no running, no jumping, no diving, no kidding!”, They have an adult pool too, but this one was much cooler so we spent most of our time in it!

Castaway Kids Pool

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