If you know me, I am not religious and I am unlikely to head into a church for any other reason than a friends wedding, christening, a funeral or as in this case… to take a photo. The one thing I love about churches is the Architecture, this church is a classic example, it is not ornate, it has been kept simple, and as a result is actually quite a striking church! This church is located at Hunter Valley Gardens.

I was in the Hunter Valley a month or so ago and quickly peered into this church, and wanted to take a pic, but there was someone praying, and whilst I may not be religious I don’t believe in disturbing those that are, so I moved on without my pic. I just happened to be back in the Hunter Valley on Business, and when my meeting had finished, I popped into the Church to find it empty, so I took the opportunity to take this pic!

Besides the architecture, I was also interested in shooting this church to try out my HDR and photoshop skills. You see, to get everything exposed properly, took a lot of work. In fact, I took 7 photos, merged 4 of them together, then spent about an hour (or maybe two!) layer masking to remove the colour cast from the longer exposures.

I am pretty happy with the result. Let me know what you think!

Hunter Valley Church

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