Is it time to Instapanic?

It seems that Instagram has overtaken the headlines today, the company released new T&C’s (Terms and Conditions) that allows it to sell users images and information to advertisers without re-imbursing or compensating the original owner. Apparently this will take effect from the 16th January 2013 and I am not sure if it cause for panic just yet… thousands of users have been deleting their accounts and there is a flurry of negative comments across the internet in regards to the move by Instagram, my guess is that the message will be received loud and clear and the T&C’s may end up being revised or changed. But is it time to panic? I don’t think so… the change is 3 weeks away and this will give you time to consider your options, the risk of your images being used online is always present, as soon as you upload it you’re taking a risk… I wonder how many Instagram users have used an image without consent, or worse still, copied music or software? At least Instagram are asking for your permission. I am not sure of my stand on this one, and wasn’t getting a great benefit out of it anyway, so for me I may just close my account… I am interested in your feedback and thoughts so leave a comment if you’re up for it…

Today’s iCandy – Lifeguard

Along many beaches are these cool lifeguard towers… this one is on Kurrawa Beach at Broadbeach.

Kurrawa Beach at Broadbeach

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