Well this morning was the second time Google had organised a photo walk in Sydney. Somewhere between 200 and 300 photographers met at King Street Wharf at 630am this morning, and were treated to a G+ tshirt, cap and stickers! Then we all hopped on a harbour cruise and ended up getting dropped off at Cockatoo Island so we could spend a couple of hours taking pics.

I am sure this morning that Google plus was more active than Facebook! there was one of these in each capital city and many others organised in regional centres around the country. Channel seven’s Sunrise show was there to cover the event and I am sure Google has won a few brownie points and encouraged photographers to use the G+ social media platform.

Google did a great job and were very generous. Keep an eye on on my blog for some of the pics in the coming week or two!

Is it the wiggles??? No… it’s the google plus photowalk!

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