The Cropping Game

When it comes to cropping I go through phases. Just recently I found myself taking an image with a 2:1 crop in mind, so I knew I could have unwanted stuff in the top or bottom of the frame, it was going to be cut out anyway when I cropped my image… one of my other favourite crops is square… I don’t know why but I find a square crop very appealing too, in fact just as appealing as a panoramic crop…

on3legs Sydney Photowalk

Just a reminder that if you haven’t already registered for the photowalk on the 1st September then you can by visiting THIS LINK.  We are going to meet at Blues Point reserve around 3pm and slowly make our way across the harbour so we can capture Sydney at sunset… it should be a lot of fun and you can bring any camera(s) you choose!

The Daily Pic – It’s hip to be square

Sydney Harbour is a place I could shoot every day and not get bored. There are endless possibilities…

Photo cropping

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