I have made the switch to Smugmug

One of the challenges that every photographer faces is where to host your photos, especially if you want to be able to offer them for sale. For me, I like having my images hosted in a cyberspace locker for more than just the ability to sell them, it’s also a great way to store a back up of your full res images somewhere else, and you may want more than one cyberspace locker! Flickr is another good place to store your files, and also has an active community for sharing and chatting about all things photography and more if you wish!

I closed my Smugmug Account, Click here to find out why

Today’s iCandy – The hazard Mountains

On my trip through Tasmania I visited the Freycinet Coast and this is Coles Bay with the Hazard Mountains in the background. Does anyone know why they’re called the Hazard Mountains?

Hazard Mountains | Coles Bay | Tasmania

The Technical Mumbo Jumbo

Processed in Photomatix

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