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Just another photo sharing site?

Is 500px just another photo sharing site?

Yep… basically, that is all it is… for some reason though, I like it. It has a few cool features and the user interface is nice and easy to use. There are some fine photographers sharing there images and it is easy to follow, vote and like stuff.

You can also sell images through the site, I am not sure how it works or how much you get as I haven’t bothered with that yet, I have been using 500px for about a month and I am just uploading an image a day.

If you want to find me there and have a look to see how it works, you can visit me at http://500px.com/bfewtrell 

Today’s iCandy – The Lonely Seagull

As you can see… just one seagull… I wonder where all his friends are? This is the Jetty at Coffs Harbour… possibly the loneliest seagull in Australia?

The Lonely Seagull

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