Official Auckland Photowalk info

I have finalised all the details and I am really excited to be holding my first international photowalk! The photowalks I have held in Sydney have been growing in popularity with 54 attending the most recent. They really are fun and I always enjoy meeting you in person. To read more about the Auckland Photowalk CLICK HERE and you will be magically transported…

Keeping your photo’s organised

Keeping all my my images in order is like trying to herd cats! If I could give you one bit of useful advice it would be to make sure you work out a great way to keep your images organised before you have thousands of them! Every time I learn some new way of making my process more streamlined or organised it can take me hours to re-arrange everything.

Today’s iCandy – Just Do It

Here’s a bit of product placement for Nike! I actually arrived on location a little late, which in turn forced me to rush. I normally like a bit more time to set up and get ready, plus, there was already a few photographers here for sunrise, it’s sort of like going to the drive ins… you have to arrive early for the best spots, and if you’re later, you have to work out how to squeeze in between.

Anyway, this is sunrise on Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs Beaches. A little place called Coogee… All of these eastern suburbs beaches are packed by sunrise with the locals exercising, this guy was actually running up and down the steps for about 10 minutes.

Just Do It

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