On3legs | Landscape Photography in Tasmania
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Landscape Photography in Tasmania

It’s no wonder Cradle Mountain is a favourite stomping ground for photographers.

As I go through my lightroom catalogue I am reminded how much I would love to get back to Tasmania. This was early morning at Dove Lake, I was waiting for the cradle at the peak of the mountain to become visible… I love the mood of a good misty fog, it’s actually quite hard to really capture. Anyway, I think another trip to Tassie could be on the cards.. 

Given how cheap it is to travel and how quickly I can get to Tasmania, it’s somewhere I could visit more often. It’s just a matter of making it happen!

The trip I took this photo I was on a workshop with 7 other participants. It was March 2013 and whilst I enjoyed being part of a workshop, I doubt I would do another. I learnt that I actually like to be on my own sometimes, it is rare in this day and age that we get to spend any time alone, and I don’t just mean without anyone else around. I am talking about being without internet, phone and distractions of life.

Missing Cradle Mountain

I was waiting for the fog and mist to rise a little to reveal the top of cradle mountain.
Misty Foggy Cradle Mountain

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