I am excited to announce my brand new Australia Wide Lens Rental business, Oz Lens Rental

Over the years, I have heard photographers comment on how much they would love to be able to try each and every lens possible. Let’s face reality, buying all of them, well, would be out of most peoples reach. Nikon have 153 lenses in their line up alone!

Anyway, I had heard of Lens Rental and knew there was not too many Lens Rental companies in Australia, and most that did exist, were not the easiest to rent from (this is a bit of a generalisation, but something that I had heard a fair bit). I decided to start a bit of research and offering my own gear out for rent, I learnt about a couple of frustrations photographers would have when trying to rent lenses that made me decide to really push forward and create Australia’s premier Online Lens and Camera Equipment rental company.

Lens Rental Frustration number one

Lens Rental AustraliaMost places require you to leave a deposit or a bond. Not a small one either! During my research I found one company that required a $1000 bond/deposit to rent their gear. I am no rocket scientist but if you had a grand hanging around to leave with someone whilst you hired their gear, you would probably just go buy the lens you wanted anyway. The other dilemma I heard about was that some lens rental companies would charge your credit card, for between $500 and $1000 and then refund this when they got the lens back, but sometimes, it would take them up to a month to give you the refund! This screams “I am using your deposit to cash flow my business” to me.

Lens Rental Frustration number two

You’re busy, and whilst you feel like you’re saving money to pick up and drop off your lens rental, you know this is costing you time, and money! A lot, and I mean a lot of photographers I spoke to said one of the biggest frustration was having to go to a retail store to pick up or drop off the gear. Most lens rental companies in Sydney, are close to the city, and if you lived in Castle Hill for example, this is a 45 to 60 minute drive to the city and would cost you about $20 in Tolls alone, not to mention the fuel you would use too. I am sure the same applies to each city around Australia. There are many cities in Australia that just do not have lens rental available locally.

Lens Rental Australia Wide

After my research and a small pilot program, I decided to start developing a website to support Australia Wide Lens Rental to your door. This quickly solved frustration number two. You can hire a lens from me and I can ship your lens Australia Wide, there are many couriers and transport companies, and partnering with Pack and Send I am able to get gear to pretty much any part of Australia within 2 days, and it is easy for you to get it back to me.

Solving frustration number one was a little more difficult. After all, the reason someone is asking you to leave a hefty deposit or a bond is because they want you to bring the lens back after you’ve hired it! This is supposed to deter theft of the lens hire equipment. When you think about it, if someone wanted a $2500 lens, and they had to leave $1000 to take it, it’s still a great deal for a thief! Whilst taking a deposit seemed like the only way to ‘insure’ against theft, I wanted to find another way, a way that meant I didn’t have to take a deposit at all!

After many weeks of searching I found there was a way I could do it. There was an online ID verification system the banks used, this system would ask for 3 forms of ID (the old 100 point system) and I could get the developer to connect this to ozlensrental.com.au somehow. After many weeks of emails back and forward and then several phone calls later, I had worked out a way to get this to integrate with the Oz Lens Rental site, and also, to make it financially viable for me to implement it.

No Deposit, No Bond and Lens Rental Delivered to your Door!

Needless to say, I am pretty excited to be able to bring you a unique Lens Rental experience. You simply jump onto ozlensrental.com.au, create an account, verify your ID and then you can rent what you want, when you want without EVER having to leave a deposit or a bond, and we’ll deliver to your door!

The ID verification is a one time only process when setting up your account, and whilst this will take 3 to 7 minutes, it is much quicker than driving to pick up your lens rental anyway. I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on my new business venture, please leave them in the comments below, and of course, if you want to try out some photography gear, head over to ozlensrental.com.au and rent something today!

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