My iMac got sick….

Have you ever had your PC or Mac throw a tanty and decide not to work? Maybe I should just ask “do you own a PC or MAC?” as I am sure that everyone that owns one of these wonders of technology have had their fair share of hiccups along the way. I am unfortunately the “I.T. go to guy” in our house.

My daughter came to me the other day to tell me the iMac had eaten her homework for dinner! She was clicking on the pages app to access her newly written masterpiece and it was just bobbing up and down in the dock getting some excersize! After a little investigating and prodding by me, all I did was make the situation worse… the iMac was telling me the pages app could not be run on my type of mac… huh? it did yesterday and the previous 365 days so what made today so different?

Anyway, the iMac had been running slow and I put this down to the Hard Drive filling up fast, since getting the D800 I am churning out 30MB raw files and shooting HDR means that every shot takes 150MB of hard drive real estate… time to get an external drive.

I bought a 2TB beast and transferred all of my raw files to it… I was then able to re-install iWork and get pages going again… thank goodness… and thanks to the mac’s auto-save my daughters homework was retrieved!

Today I am upgrading the RAM from 4gb to 20gb to help when processing images in Photoshop as I have noticed it ‘slow down’ with the new larger raw images… I will let you know how that goes soon… in the meantime, I suggest using an external drive for your RAW files… it will keep your machine working faster.

The Daily Pic – Life in Lavender Bay

If I was to live near the City, I think this is the view I would want. Overlooking Lavender Bay one rainy morning, the sun broke through the clouds long enough to act as a spotlight for the city… enjoy!

Lavender Bay Sydney

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