Canon set to release another Full Frame Camera

The 5D mark III is expected to go on sale for over $4000. The new 5D only has a 22mp sensor whilst the Nikon D800 has 36mp and has a RRP almost a grand less! JB Hi Fi are said to have significantly cheaper prices than other local retailers if you’re looking at getting the Canon.

There is a rumour of Canon releasing an ‘X’ version with a 46mp sensor. We will wait and see!

The Daily Pic – Life in the Stocks

The stocks are a device that was used for a form of physical punishment that also involved public humiliation. The offender would be locked into the stocks and the passing public would throw everything from rotten fruit to poo at them! The offender would be locked in the stocks day and night and a lot of people would die from heat exhaustion or hypothermia.

I really like the detail in the wood of this set of stocks, these ones are located in the Fremantle Round House.

The Roundhouse Stocks

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