Happy Boat Owners…

They say the two happiest days of a boat owners life is the day they buy the boat, and the day they sell it! I have had 3 boats in my lifetime and now belong to a boating club, is is MUCH easier!

The Daily Pic – Sydney International Boat Show…

It is hard to beat a day out on the water… once a year, Darling Harbour gets jam packed with luxury boat goodness… I headed in early on day one of the show to see if I could capture a nice sunrise shot, this one is pre-dawn, and I love the glassy appearance of the water, using my 16mm – 35mm wide angle lens makes the boats look smaller than they are… some of these are HUGE! In fact, if you look closely you will see a couple of people on the bow’s of the boats in the first row… this will give you some size perspective.

Sydney International Boat Show

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