See me using Topaz Adjust LIVE!

See me use Topaz Adjust to add amazing detail and life to a photo… I am trying out the new G+ Hangout feature with Live streaming on YouTUBE. I will be going live at 8pm Australian EDST (UTC/GMT +11 hours) – stay tuned for the link… I will post it a few minutes before showtime! Let’s hope it all works… if it does, you will get to see me using Topaz Adjust to add the final touches to one of my images LIVE! If it doesn’t… you will have to go back to Masterchef and the Big Bang Theory 😉

Today’s iCandy – Planet Sydney

Sometimes when I am waiting around I wil go into the newsagency to see what magazines they have, and I usually find myself at the photography or aircraft section. Well, this week I bought the Ultimate Photoshop Course. It is a $16 magazine, and I thought, why not? I just need one nugget and I have my money’s worth. Most of what was in this magazine I already knew… it seems it was quite basic… but I got my nugget! It’s not something you will see often from me, but it was a little bit of fun. There was this section on how to create a photo planet, I know what you’re thinking… I could have just googled it… yeah, I guess so! Anyway, I decided to turn one of my Sydney Skyline shots into a photo planet. Because the end result is square, they would make great website thumbnails…

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