A Quick D800 Review

I don’t consider myself a ‘gear reviewer’… I am however, a keen photographer I can hopefully give you my impressions and that may help you decide whether or not this is the camera for you. I have only had the D800 for 2 weeks and in that time only taken about 200 shots, so this is very early in the piece and I will create a more in depth review later down the track for my gear page.

However, although my experience is limited to the 2 weeks, I can say that I am very happy I made the decision to upgrade from my D700. I have already utilized the time lapse feature and really like the results I got from this feature. It was dead easy to set up and use and that in my books get’s brownie points (use this link to see the time lapse video). I haven’t really used the HD video function yet, and didn’t really buy the D800 for that purpose, however, I am sure at some stage I will end up using it.

As for the extra megapixels, I love it! I can see in post production that I am able to make finer adjustments in Photoshop, I can crop without too much concern for image size and my iMac seems to be fairly happy to process these large files. I can see a benefit in higher resolution and when a print is made the quality will speak for itself.

I don’t know what has changed but I find the autofocus to be better and quieter and the images are tack sharp.

Why would you get a D800? Only if you plan on shooting and then selling prints larger than 18×12″ would I suggest you bother. I have printed larger than that from the D700 and had pleasing results. If you’re after a great full frame camera and you don’t need the video or time lapse feature, the D700 will fit your needs. If you want to shoot sports or fast moving subjects, then the D4 would probably be best, the D700 with a battery grip will still give you a decent frame rate, the D800 will struggle to keep up with the action!

I feel the D800 will begreat for creating a one shot Panoramic image. I cropped a 36mp image to 1:3 and upscaled it to 120cm x 40cm @ 300ppi in photoshop and could not see any loss in quality. I will print a few and see how they look!

Keep an eye out on my blog and I will write a more in depth review once I have more to tell…

The Daily Pic – Lunch Rocks

I enjoy my food and to be able to eat it with this view makes it even better. I took this image when I was out on the water, we moored in Smiths Creek and dined on fresh seafood and drank fine wine and beer…

Smiths Creek Australia

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