Lovin My iPad Mini

I bought one on a recent overseas trip and love it, it is just the right size. I thought the full size iPad was a tad too big… but the mini is just perfect. It does all the same things but just a bit smaller!

I watch movies on boring flights and use it to surf the web. It also serves as a great photo gallery so I have all my images with me… if I want a bigger sexier screen then I use my macbook pro… otherwise the mini is just right!

Today’s iCandy – Luscious Liffey

If you have been to Tasmania then there is a good chance that you have visited Liffey Falls. It is such a beautiful waterfall. I took this photo as I sat and ate my lunch, it was such a nice spot. I think everyone just thought I was a lazy photographer as I took my shot sitting on a rock eating my sandwich!

Luscious Liffey

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