eBay spam!

Has anyone else noticed that eBay has 3 distinct groups… firstly, there is the group ‘used items’. I think this was the original reason eBay was formed… I love searching through all the used stuff to see if I can grab a bargain! In fact before eBay, I would buy the Trading Post paper and do the same… the second group that has really taken off on eBay is NEW items. Retailers have realized they need to be on eBay to be competitive… the third and final group is the group that I think are the spam of eBay… they are the cheap and crappy offerings from Asia… Does anyone else find it frustrating that you have to sift through hundreds of crappy items to find what you’re looking for or is it just me?

The Daily Pic – Man vs Wild

Wood was taken from the forest… processed, and then returned to the forest so we can take a walk through the forest… enjoy!

Forest Walk

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